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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Not to Wear

There are certain styles, fashions, fads, fabrics, etc. that people should just not wear... ever. I once heard somewhere from someone someplace that DC was rated the #1 worst dressed city in the country. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this could be true. Some people blame on the commute.. that DC is so career driven that people feel they are giving up looking "fashionable" in order to be comfortable- so that they can focus on their jobs. This is a bad excuse in my book. Although I admit that I have been known to rock some tennis shoes while doing my morning commute.. these tennis shoes are NOT from 1984, NOT high tops, NOT stark white with scrunchie socks like I can't decide whether I work for the government or at hooters, and definitely NOT overtop of pantyhose.I enjoy fashion, can be trendy at times, and of course like to feel that I look good.. but some people take this to a very big extreme.. or completely ignore fashion all together. A happy medium- that's all I'm lookin for. In order to prove my point.. I decided to take inventory of some of the outfits that I see people wearing in and around the city.. that just need to be burned. This also includes trendy trends.. that are just stupid and I am convinced there are designers that get together, sip their starbucks and think.. "what trend should we start that will make people look as ridiculous as possible.. just because we can". I would have taken pictures for your viewing pleasure.. however.. I thought I might get shot.. and I'd like to stay alive, at least until after the next vampire movie (New Moon) comes out.

1. Crushed velvet. This makes me cringe.

2. As previously stated, wearing high top tennis shoes with scrunchy socks overtop of your panty hose walking to work.

3. Short sleeved mens dress shirts.. you just look like someone out of "Office Space" and you look dorky. If you're afraid of getting hot.. wear a long sleeve dress shirt and roll the sleeves. please.

4. Bug sunglasses. This can be a tricky one.. there is a difference between "big" and "bug". If you can't decide if you've crossed the line.. ask a fashionable friend.

5. Peep toed ankle boots. Again.. cringe.

6. neon colored jeans.. unless your legs look like gisele's.. and your walking on a run way.. you look like you stretched your hiney into your jeans from when you were 8.

7. Huge hoop earings with your name written in crusive inside of them. If you are so forgettable to people that you feel that they need to be able to look at your ears to remember your name.. you have bigger problems.

8. Super skinny tight jeans on boys. This is just not.cute. It's even worse when they try to sag these jeans.. makes absolutely no sense at all. (side note- I've never really understood how guys can sag their jeans so much.. Do they have sticky tape on the insides and stick their jeans to their legs so they don't fall all the way down to their ankles?? There much be some trick to it, because in all my years, I have never seen anyone's pants fall completely off of their body while walking.. and I've seen a lot of sagging. Let's not forget- I grew up in Woodbridge.)

9. MC Hammer pants- I've recently seen some celebrities wearing these pants out. I'm convinced those coffee sipping designers had a hand in this. Really!??! you look like you're wearing a diaper.. or that you should be wearing one because you've already messed yourself. Ew.

10. Umm I can't think of a number 10 a the moment.. but it's only 10:00 AM.. I'm sure I can find another fashion disaster by lunch.

Stay tuned bloggifers :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bring on the burrito!

Happy National Chipotle Day!! No, unfortunately Chippy's doesnt recognize this holiday (and neither does my company, boo) but we are pushing for it! So go buy a burrito, hug a sexy mexi and rock out with your guac out!
Nom, nom, nom.. yummm