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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's playoff time boys and girls, and that only means that hockey gets better and better. Hockey hasn't always been the top sport in DC ( although now there is no question that it should be considering all the other teams stink) and even though there are MANY reasons that I love rockin the red, I figured I'd give my lovely girlfriends (who could kinda care less about the game until they actually went to one) a couple more reasons to love the caps. I give you (from bottom to top)- Mike Green, Jose Theodore, Boyd Gordon and last but not least (my future husband, hopefully)Mr. Brooks Laich. Enjoy :)

Vocabulary Word of the Day


Pronunciation: FESS-A-MISTIC.

Definition: A sassy and genius mix between pesimistic and realistic describing a feeling normally associated with doucebag boys who refuse to act their age.

Use in a sentence: Sally, don't be so fessimistic, I'm sure Hector will call you tonight.

Explanation: If Sally is true to her fessimistic feelings, she won't be let down when Hector doesn't call.. because she didn't expect him to. What a jerkface.

Learn it, love it, use it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Texting.. texting.. 1..2..3..

In today's day and age (I have no clue what that saying means, by the way) technology is EVERYWHERE. There's almost no way to escape it. Even Amish people are jealous and want to use it. I totally made that up, but I bet it's true. Especially with my generation, I feel like we have really been completely consumed with technology.I remember when the first computers were put in our classrooms in school, paging my boyfriend (of probably 3 days) "143" on his blue see through pager to tell him I loved him, watching Zack Morris getting his first cell phone and then getting my own, people going from plain cell phones, to flip phones, to fold out keyboard phones, to touch screen phones, blue tooths, blackberries, facebook, myspace, twitter, LinkedIn.. whew.. it goes on forever. There are about a billion and one ways to keep in touch with someone .. or stalk them. Last night I got a facebook message from a friend I saw over the weekend but hadnt seen in about 10 years. Hopefully he doesn't read this. His message was very nice, but at the end he asked me out....on facebook. Now call me old fashioned- but this is LAMMMMMEEE. I find it ironic how there are SO many ways to communicate with people now days, but yet someone who wants to go on a date with you (i.e enjoys talking to you/wants to get close to you), doesn't even pick up the phone to have a conversation with you (which is much more personal than a FB message or text). Ugh.


Single in the City

What will they think of next?!?!

This is crazy.

Random Thought of the Day...

How does one become a street sweeper? And how many streets does a street sweeper have to sweep? Is there a certain number that they have to complete or are they on an hourly wage? and who invented street sweepers? And what if one day we run out of cool things to invent? I feel like I would be REALLY good at street sweeping. Do you think you can do it part time?


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Swaggggger like Jack Baueeer

Sooooo I'm walking to work today and after arriving at my building realize that during my 20 or so minute traveling time from my apartment walking to the metro, 2 stops on the metro and the 3 minute (if that) walk to my building, I have seen some really random/wierd things. Things that people probably don't encounter on a normal commute to work. As a result, I figured I'd pull a little 24 on ya'll-except my entire day (24 hours) isn't nearly as interesting as the first hour or so of my day...and definitely not as interesting as a day in the life of Jack Bauer.

1. The People- This weekend (Sunday to be exact) was Earth Day- except I think that they, the crazy hippies, have decided that we need an earth weeeeeek now, so there are tons of dreaded (not scary..I mean people with dreadlocks) hippies roaming the streets in addition to my normal street corner gang of homeless peeps. The thing that makes it so great, and one of the reasons I l-o-v-e DC, is that the two aforementioned groups of people are walking in big crowded groups with tons of business people in suits and heels, blabbing on their crackberries and chugging their starbucks. I love the comfort in knowing that in DC, if someone is staring at me- it's most likely because they LIKE what I look like, not that they think I look wierd or strange or out of place. You can't really be "out of place" in DC. There's a spot for everyone. ( que Qum Bae Ya music) :)

2. The Cherry blossoms- they aren't random or wierd, they are beautiful and I would just like to make everyone jealous that I live so close to them. so Ha suckerrrrrrrrs.

3. The Sprinters- There are a LOT of charity inspired races that happen in DC on any given year. I mean a LOT. Once the weather gets nice, it's pretty much a guarentee that every weekend you will be detoured through some part of the city due to a race. I think it's great, and although I may get irritated if I happen to be the person getting directed by some policeman that I have to take an alternate route, I love the whole "people helping people" thing. Secretly though, if you come to DC it's not hard to realize WHY there are so many races in the city... People are running EVERY where..all the time. In the case of my morning commute, most of the time I see them running to get on the metro. We are talking full out sprinting, like Phoebe from friends in that one episode where her and rachel go running in the park (love it). These people- dressed to the nines, holding briefcases with laptops and files, 3 cell phones on their hip, a coffee and a newspaper in their hands.. man they can truck it.. and with minimum spillage. It's impressive. So naturally, running empty handed outside in actual running clothes, with the bonus of raising money for a charity, would seem like a breeze to the washingtonians.

3. Last but certainly not least... the Pigeons- ohhhhh the pigeons. If you didn't know, the animals that live in DC are unlike any other. Yes, we have the DC zoo, but I'm not talking about those animals. Get this- we have BLACK SQUIRRELS. they.are.AWESOME! We also have little mice/rats in the metro but they aren't that much fun. And, of course, we have pigeons. Our pigeons aren't like regular birds though, they don't fly away from people- they aren't scared at all. In fact, I feel like they should have little pigeon tattoos or mini pigeon mohawks (preferably red ones) just so that tourists can realize that these pigeons aren't scared of ANYTHING- they are bad ass. I don't mind that they dont fly away from people, but I do wish they would get out of the way before I step on one of them. I also wish that they would take their " Public displays of affection" somewhere private. Seeing pigeon sex at 830 in the am.. not the best way to start the day.

Adios, bloggies.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Top Ten

If Dave Letterman gets to have a Top Ten, why can't I?!? No no no my stalkers, this is not a top ten favorites.. but instead the top ten list of thing that annoy me to no end.. for no reason, or at least it might be a reason that makes no sense to anyone but me. Seeing as how I have encountered quite a few of my top ten pet peeves today, I figured I'd post them so that if by SOME SMALL chance, any of the people who have caused my pet peeves to occur today, or any day for that matter, see this.... they can stop. Immediately preferably. So here goes. Drumroll please.In no particular order..

1. People who wear fruit (i.e. strawberry's/cherries on their shoes or in their hair, tshirts with lemons on them) or cartoon characters (daffy duck, tweety bird) and are over the age of 12. I mean really?!?! Are you SO incredibly boring that you haven't liked ANYTHING else since age 12 that you would prefer to wear on your shirt??? A band? A restaurant?? Anything!?!?

2. Flames. No explanation needed my friends. Flames are like drugs,

3. Wolves (I really have nothing against wolves, it's just because for some reason I can't pronounce this word and it really irrates me). I also hate when people wear clothing with wolves on it. Just...stop it.

4. People who take pictures of themselves and post it all over the internet. Here's the deal.. if are not liked enough to have someone around you who wants to take a picture WITH you, or even of you by yourself if you are so snotty, then don't take one. You look stupid.

5. People walking in front of me. I feel like they are always farting and it is going to waft back all over me and my clothing, ewwww. This is a recent pet peeve of mine that I have developed since moving into the city. Let's not talk about it anymore..still gives me nightmares. Ughhhh. Moving on..

6. Talking about how drunk you got the night before. I especially hate this when a guy is hitting on me at a bar/restaurant/on the street/in a car/in a tree and talks about how wasted he got and how much he drank. Realllllll attractive. You're cool..not. So a word to the wise (or stupid in this case) if you decide to do this.. I will be giving you ... when you ask for my number.

7. Sending an email and then calling the person you sent it to .2 seconds later and reitterating everything that is in the email. Grrrrrr

8. Words such as "peace", "bro", "late" (instead of later) if you are not from California. Also, you can't just BE from Cali and think it's ok to say this anywhere, it's like a foreign language.. you try to speak french when you go to Paris, don't speak like your in California if you are in North Carolina.

9. Abbreviating words to try to make yourself sound cool (i.c. Instead of Front Page, calling it "the page")

10. Chewing with your mouth open/talking with food in your mouth. It's just plain gross.. and rude... and I can't understand you. Unless you're choking on whatever it is that you are eating (and you probably started choking BECAUSE you were trying to talk with your mouth full)..shut your trapper.

So there you have it bloggies and blogettes. Until next time..

Peace :)

The Real American Idol

Yes, I admit it. I watch American Idol- although not as religiously as I used to. Please don't hold it against me.

I enjoy watching the crazy comments by Paula, hearing Randy say "dawg" 12 billion times, and Simon-well..being Simon. It's entertainment for all ages. From Paula's outfits and crazy clapping hands, to Simons chest hair and Ryans backhanded compliments to him, it's a great way to unwind at the end of the day and take my mind off all the craziness that surrounds me.

I can't help but think about though how sad it is that our society has become SO incredibly jaded on our definition of an idol.

I did not/ do not intend for this little bloggie to be a serious thingamajig, but if bloging is supposed to be about saying/writing what's on your mind, so be it. I think that the guy at the top of this post, Captain Richard Phillip, is a REAL American Idol. His ship gets hijacked by pirates (side note-who knew there were still pirates in the world..and why can't they all look like Johnny Depp) and Captain Phillip gives himself up as a hostage to the pirates and keeps his crew safe. What. A. Guy. Thankfully, he has been rescued from the pirates, after trying to escape on his own, and is safely on his way back to his family. We should all reevaluate how much time we put into learning about/reading about/modeling ourselves after our IDOLS.
..and I'll step off my soapbox now
Later bloggies.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Areeee Youuu READDYYYYYYY?!?!

Here we go, here we go, here we go now.

Check it. I've been bugged to start a blog so here goes. I find my life to be simple, rather uneventful and semi-normal (side-note I hate the word normal) but whatevess.. I aim to please.

So here begins my digital diary of sorts. It shall be filled with all of the daily non-sense, randomness and craziness that occurs to this 24 year old hockey loving, shoe addicted, cab driver obsessed, bootylicious city girl. (second side note- if you do not understand why each of these apply to me, you should probably stop reading, It'll just get more difficult to understand down the road.. or page in this case)

Today has been pretty normal. Passed by some of my favorite homeless guys on the way to work and wondered (as I do many a morning) A) why I wasn't smart enough to remember to charge my Ipod the night before and B) how people can stand outside and smoke cigarettes so early in the morning. Boggles (or in this case bloggles) my mind. Still I proceeded to skurry along, as of course I was running late, walking with my earphones in (with no music) and jumbo sized shizades on with the hopes of being able to make it from my apartment to the metro stop without being haggeled for spare change, have some comment about my badunk or asked to buy those Fing krispy kream donuts. I mean REALLY, is it too much to ask for the dunkin donuts guy to scream "GET EM WHILE THEIR HOT! DUNKIN DONUTS" at a DIFFERENT metro stop just once in a while?!?! I don't think so. It sure would make dieting easier if my mornings didnt start off like this. I also was unsuccessful at avoiding one of my new fears in life, people walking in front of me.. but we shall save that for tomorrow. Gotta keep em guessing ;)

Toodles peeps.