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Monday, November 2, 2009

For my 2 friends (or 2 people that I know about) who actually read the crazy randomness that sometimes comes out of my mouth and onto this blog- lo siento for slacking off. I realize it's the lamest excuse in the book- but I've been really busy. I helped a friend move/drive 20+ hours from Louisana to NoVa, celebrated my moms 66 birthday by taking her to see "So You Think You Can Dance" in concert (she's so cute), met a lot of new people, celebrated lots of friends birthdays, went to VaTech for homecoming, organized a reunion with lots of my sorority sisters from college, cooked thanksgiving dinner, went to Va Beach to do some maid of honor duties for one of my very best friends, and planned a Christmas cruise with my mom to some tropical islands. On top of allll of this- hockey season has started again (God bless the CAPS). I realize that all this looks and sounds like fun- but it's been a challenging time in my life as well. I've learned a lot about myself in a lot of different ways and am trying to understand what it all means.

..Long story short.. I'm back beaches!!!!