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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crazy Craigslist Charcters

Ohhhh Craigslist.. where to begin?!! Actually, all things considered, I am a big fan of CL ( thats the abbreviation all the cool kids use). It has turned out to be a great place to find housing, lost and found, buy new pets, find new jobs, or a new "relationship". Side note- never have, never will venture into the personals on CL.. bad idea. There are also a lot of wacky postings for which I find myself wondering- "Who in the world would post an ad to give away 9 jars of peanut butter that has been expired since 1994?!?" or "Why would anyone want to buy ONE enclopedia (letter H) .....???" In some ways it's great, in other ways it's just an outlet for people who have nothing better to do-to have something to do. Secretly, I think it would be super fun to go one day and fill up someone's entire front lawn with couches from craigslist.. there are SOOO many on there that are free! Can you imagine opening your front door and finding that you can't see your grass anymore.. just couches!??! Man.. one of these days I'll do it. Watch out friends.

Anywhoooo, I came across this website with ad's from CL, and it brightened my day with a few chuckles.. hopefully it'll do the same for Y-O-U.

toodles, bloggifers.