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Monday, August 29, 2011

YMCA Armed Forces 8k Mudrun

Life is nuts. But that doesn't mean that it's ok to get fat. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Throughout college, I definitely enjoyed myself. I drank what I wanted, ate what I wanted annnnd became a big fat pig. Combine that with the fact that my eating habits already solely consisted of chicken fingers and hot dogs (still my favorites ps) and lets just say I slightly resembled roseanne. Gew- I know.

Moving on- I decided post college that I needed to get moving and learn to eat things that are green. It's still a challenge to choose veggies over fries, but I try to take it day by day. It's been a slow process that I've had my ups and downs in, but today am about 31 pounds lighter than in college. Woohooo go me!

One thing that REALLY helps are my amazing friends who like to torture me by having me run in insane races. Case in point- the 8k "mud" run. This run turned out to be MUCH more of a sand dune run, and was by far the hardest hour and a half of my life, but I can say that I finished it! My dearest friend Lindsay compiled our team, the MudCrawlers!, and off to Virginia Beach we went. We got about 5 hours of sleep the night before all crammed into one hotel room (there were 5 girls on our team) and I don't think anyone really got and GOOD sleep with me coughing every 5 seconds. Despite our up hill climbing we had to do (literally) we made it through the 5 miles of sand dunes, running on the beach, through the woods, through trenches, mud pits, over walls, through tunnels, etc. I can't say I'll ever do it again, but who are we kidding.. if she asked, I probably wouldnt say no. :) YAY for weight loss!!!