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Friday, October 7, 2011

Acid on your face and a hole in your Butt

Got your attention, didn't I?! Well, the sad part is that the title of this post is actually the later part of my afternoon yesterday. I went to the (dun, dun, dunnnn) dermatologist yesterday. I was getting a chemical peel, which I strangely enjoy because I feel that when my skin is all tight is somehow makes my tummy seem skinnier, my clothes fit better and my butt a bit perkier. So in reality, that part wasn't so bad.

My butt, on the other hand; different story. I had a skin test done to check my moley moley moles to make sure I was good to go, but noooooo. Doc said " I'm going to need to numb your butt and take this mole off and send it to the lab". GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. Fast forward to me face down on this tabe getting a needle stuck in my tush. Fast forward to this morning where I am a whiney little baby that I can't seem to sit comfortably in my fabulous ergonomic desk chair. WAH. I'll keep you updated on if I'll need to invest in some fabulous wigs. I'm thinkin red :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

YMCA Armed Forces 8k Mudrun

Life is nuts. But that doesn't mean that it's ok to get fat. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Throughout college, I definitely enjoyed myself. I drank what I wanted, ate what I wanted annnnd became a big fat pig. Combine that with the fact that my eating habits already solely consisted of chicken fingers and hot dogs (still my favorites ps) and lets just say I slightly resembled roseanne. Gew- I know.

Moving on- I decided post college that I needed to get moving and learn to eat things that are green. It's still a challenge to choose veggies over fries, but I try to take it day by day. It's been a slow process that I've had my ups and downs in, but today am about 31 pounds lighter than in college. Woohooo go me!

One thing that REALLY helps are my amazing friends who like to torture me by having me run in insane races. Case in point- the 8k "mud" run. This run turned out to be MUCH more of a sand dune run, and was by far the hardest hour and a half of my life, but I can say that I finished it! My dearest friend Lindsay compiled our team, the MudCrawlers!, and off to Virginia Beach we went. We got about 5 hours of sleep the night before all crammed into one hotel room (there were 5 girls on our team) and I don't think anyone really got and GOOD sleep with me coughing every 5 seconds. Despite our up hill climbing we had to do (literally) we made it through the 5 miles of sand dunes, running on the beach, through the woods, through trenches, mud pits, over walls, through tunnels, etc. I can't say I'll ever do it again, but who are we kidding.. if she asked, I probably wouldnt say no. :) YAY for weight loss!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

He's Home :)

He's home and life is good! Lindsay and I had a great time roadtrippin' down to Virginia Beach on Thursday, June 30th and got Luke off the bus around 8pm on the 1st. We spent the weekend running errands, getting his new barracks set up, celebrating with his friends (the first time I got to meet any of them) BBQ-ing with his family and just enjoying being together. I'm a happy girl.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

25 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Generally speaking, I'd consider myself a pretty "normal" 27 year old girl. I like to hang out with my friends, I love shoes and I'm slightly obsessed with the Chicken Madiera from Cheesecake Factory. Just like every other 27 year old girl, right??

Some would say though, that I'm not normal. Hopefully, they mean this is a nice way, at least that's the way I'm taking it :) It got me thinking though, what are the things that make me different than your average bear. thus.. the list.

1. I don't like a lot of sauce on my pizza, hardly any in fact. I've been known to take off the cheese, scrape off all of the sauce, put the cheese back on and continue eating.
2. My favorite sandwhich is a bacon and mayo sandwhich. It sounds gross, and to most people it probably is, but I love it. I think it all started when my dad would make BLT's all the time, but I didn't like lettuce or tomatoes.
3. I like having a schedule. The unexpected makes me nervous. I say ALLL the time that I want to be spontaneous, but it's not true.
4. I crack my knuckles ALL the time.
5. I usually have a koozie in my purse at all times. In fact, if you were to go look at my purse collection, you'd see all the purses empty inside, except for a koozie.
6. I can't fall asleep unless all of the drawers on the dresser are closed with no clothing sticking out.
7. I wear my socks inside out because I think it's annoying how the seam on the end of the sock pushes against your foot with you wear it.
8. I love cemetaries. I think they are beautiful- especially Arlington National Cemetary and any of the ones in Texas where they overtake the grave sights with fake ugly flowers. It's love.
9. I hate opening presents in front of people. I feel like I neever react apropriately.
10. When I was in high school, I would rearrange the furnityre in my bedroom just about every week, and I took all of the notes my friends wrote me and put them on my walls. You couldnt see any of my wallpaper.
10. I hate body lotion. I never use it.
11. I love bridges. I'd love to get a good camera and have a wall of framed black and white photos in my house of beautiful bridges from across the country. Churches too.
12. When I was in middle school my choir sang "Killing me softly" by the Fugees and I got the Lauren Hill solo part. Yup, that's right, I'm a superstar.
13. I would eat a hot dog and an Auntie Anne's salted pretzal every day if someone would let me.. or I wouldnt get outrageously fat.

I should probably end my list on a good number (15,20,25)....butttt that would be too normal ;)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From Afghanland, with love...

As you may or may not have known (probably "may not have known" since I'm a wierdo and don't often share boy news) I landed myself my very own hot to trot marine boyfriend about 10 months ago! I know, I'm pretty shocked too. This is the "YAY" part of my story.

Unfortunately, soon after we got stars in our eyes for each other, he had to leave for Afghanistan for 7 months. This is the "Boooo" part of the story. Throughout the past 7 months, we've written letters (mine were written daily, his were written when he could) sent care packages, talked on the phone when we could and near the end we even got to have skype dates. It was nerve-racking (especially after he got blown up by an IED in January), exhausting and frustrating.. but now it's OVER!!! I leave tomorrow afternoon to drive down to Camp Lejune North Carolina to welcome my marine home!

Life is all rainbows and flowers and puppies and cupcakes right now and I LOVE IT!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Missed me, didn't cha?

Wow. Crazy to think how time flies. It's been over a year since I've posted and I partially blame that on my father. I get my stubborn-ness from him, or at least that's what my Mom says. A couple people have asked me to continue my ranting on here, but I've always come up with a lame excuse as to why I haven't. No longer will I resist though.

Today's topic of discussion/ random thought of the day, comes from my co-workers. Most co-workers like to discuss their families, recent hollywood star gossip, or lately "the royal wedding", but MY lovely co-workers and I decided to discuss the topic of eyebrows.

Yes, eyebrows.

They are one of those things that you never really think that much about really. But why do we even have them? If we have hair all over our bodies, mainly for the purpose of keeping out germs and dirt, then why do we have wierd long hair right above our eyes? Mel (my coworker) seems to think that back in cave man days, people would grow their eyebrows out realllllly long so that they had a sort of cousin IT hair do rockin' and it would protect their eyes from the massive amounts of dirt flying around them. Who knows.

People do wierd things with their eyebrows. Back in the day, I used to pluck my eyebrows as a hobby, and as a result really only had about two hairs on each side above my eye. I looked georgous, let me tell you. (See picture, yikes!). Please don't mind the fact that I also am about 900 pounds heavier and failed in my attempt to cut my hair like Reese Witherspoon in "Sweet Home Alabama". Didn't work.

Some people pluck, some people wax, some people shave their eyebrows and tattoo on top of their eyes what they want their eyebrows to look like. There are unibrows, catepillar eyebrows, skinny eyebrows, thick eyebrows, eyebrows that dont match your hair color, I mean the list goes on and on.

The moral of the story, is this isn't one. Just random thoughts around the watercooler.

Off to go pluck my eyebrows...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yous Da Bomb.Com!!

Just some hump day humor for ya :)