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Friday, October 7, 2011

Acid on your face and a hole in your Butt

Got your attention, didn't I?! Well, the sad part is that the title of this post is actually the later part of my afternoon yesterday. I went to the (dun, dun, dunnnn) dermatologist yesterday. I was getting a chemical peel, which I strangely enjoy because I feel that when my skin is all tight is somehow makes my tummy seem skinnier, my clothes fit better and my butt a bit perkier. So in reality, that part wasn't so bad.

My butt, on the other hand; different story. I had a skin test done to check my moley moley moles to make sure I was good to go, but noooooo. Doc said " I'm going to need to numb your butt and take this mole off and send it to the lab". GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. Fast forward to me face down on this tabe getting a needle stuck in my tush. Fast forward to this morning where I am a whiney little baby that I can't seem to sit comfortably in my fabulous ergonomic desk chair. WAH. I'll keep you updated on if I'll need to invest in some fabulous wigs. I'm thinkin red :)