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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From Afghanland, with love...

As you may or may not have known (probably "may not have known" since I'm a wierdo and don't often share boy news) I landed myself my very own hot to trot marine boyfriend about 10 months ago! I know, I'm pretty shocked too. This is the "YAY" part of my story.

Unfortunately, soon after we got stars in our eyes for each other, he had to leave for Afghanistan for 7 months. This is the "Boooo" part of the story. Throughout the past 7 months, we've written letters (mine were written daily, his were written when he could) sent care packages, talked on the phone when we could and near the end we even got to have skype dates. It was nerve-racking (especially after he got blown up by an IED in January), exhausting and frustrating.. but now it's OVER!!! I leave tomorrow afternoon to drive down to Camp Lejune North Carolina to welcome my marine home!

Life is all rainbows and flowers and puppies and cupcakes right now and I LOVE IT!!

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