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Thursday, December 17, 2009


This past weekend was probably one of my favorite weekend of the whole year. Every year I travel (to wherever they are playing, usually in Philly) to see the Army Navy game with my best friend Katie and her family! OF COURSE, we all root for Navy to win, as they should, and they haven't let me down yet! Thought I'd throw a few pictorals up on the ole bloggie blog so you can all see us shivering our navy and gold butts off! We are well known at the 'bumble bee' crew, and from the pictures I think you'll be able to see why! We all purchase one new thing each year for the games and last year we purchased the rock star-esk rugby shirts. They are fantastic because it is easy to lose people in the sea of navy/gold and black/gold that everyone sports for their team. There was lots of great food in our club level seats( they are a must in order to not freeze to death) including nachos, 12 dollar hot dogs and sodas bigger than your head... totally not on the diet, but SO worth it. You only live once, right!!?? We ate Philly cheesesteaks at Big Ricks (oddly enough Katies dads name minus the "big" part) shopped at Macy's, went to our favorite chocolate and coffee shop (called Naked Chocolate) and had dinner at a murder mystery dinner theater where a drunken woman named Terry stole the show! ..that's a story for a whole other postie though. Can't WAIT for next year!!

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