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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

O' Christmas Cruise, O' Christmas Cruise

Yes- the rumors are true. The stupid blizzard of 2009 hit the DC area JUSSSSST as I was starting to pack my bag for my flight to Florida, to hop on my cruise ship and snorkel, horseback ride, and play around on the beaches of the caribbean for christmas. Eh- it's the way it goes. I choose to be a "glass half full" kinda gal and thus I have decided to list all of the reasons why I am HAPPY that I was in the DC area for the Christmas holiday.. and the Kwanzaa holiday too- I don't discriminate.

1. If I hadn't stayed in the DC area, I wouldn't have been able to see the big riot/protest going on outside of the chinatown metro today. I THOUGHT as I was walking up the escalator that they were saying "SET GAGA FREE!" and I got really upset because I thought the fabulous (and slightly off her rocker) Ms. Lady GAGA had been arrested for some proposterous crime unrightfully so.. Turns out they were chanting "SET GAZA FREE!" I guess the gaza strip? I'm not sure. I'll google it tommorrow.

2. If I hadn't stayed in the DC area, I would have missed the snowball fight up on U street. Unfortunately, I wasn't present- but boy was it all over the news. A ton of kids up here decided to have a huge snowball fight in the middle of U street- why not right? There's 2 feet of snow on the ground- not like any SMART person would be trying to drive though it right?!?! WRONNNGGG.. an off duty police officer decided to drive through the snowball fight (in his red hummer, ha!) and got pissed when he got hit by some snowballs. He proceeded to pull out his gun and start waving it around like a lunatic. After he settled a bit, all the kids started chanting " You don't bring a gun to a snowball fight!!" Ha! I love it.

3. If I hadn't stayed in the DC area, I wouldn't have gotten to expereince another reason why I love where I live. The roomie and I placed a call to our local papa johns (RIGHT across the street) and trecked out in the knee deep snow to grab a slice and a coke. I love the little reminders of why I pay so much money to live where I live. While everyone else was stuck inside, I could WALK down the street and go shopping, go to the movies.. I love DC.

4. Last but not least, I'm sure if I had left DC, my cruise ship would've turned into the sequal of the Titanic and hit a whale or something and sunk. I haven't had much good luck lately, but hopefully that'll change in the new year!!
Hasta Lluego blognogs!

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