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Monday, April 13, 2009

Areeee Youuu READDYYYYYYY?!?!

Here we go, here we go, here we go now.

Check it. I've been bugged to start a blog so here goes. I find my life to be simple, rather uneventful and semi-normal (side-note I hate the word normal) but whatevess.. I aim to please.

So here begins my digital diary of sorts. It shall be filled with all of the daily non-sense, randomness and craziness that occurs to this 24 year old hockey loving, shoe addicted, cab driver obsessed, bootylicious city girl. (second side note- if you do not understand why each of these apply to me, you should probably stop reading, It'll just get more difficult to understand down the road.. or page in this case)

Today has been pretty normal. Passed by some of my favorite homeless guys on the way to work and wondered (as I do many a morning) A) why I wasn't smart enough to remember to charge my Ipod the night before and B) how people can stand outside and smoke cigarettes so early in the morning. Boggles (or in this case bloggles) my mind. Still I proceeded to skurry along, as of course I was running late, walking with my earphones in (with no music) and jumbo sized shizades on with the hopes of being able to make it from my apartment to the metro stop without being haggeled for spare change, have some comment about my badunk or asked to buy those Fing krispy kream donuts. I mean REALLY, is it too much to ask for the dunkin donuts guy to scream "GET EM WHILE THEIR HOT! DUNKIN DONUTS" at a DIFFERENT metro stop just once in a while?!?! I don't think so. It sure would make dieting easier if my mornings didnt start off like this. I also was unsuccessful at avoiding one of my new fears in life, people walking in front of me.. but we shall save that for tomorrow. Gotta keep em guessing ;)

Toodles peeps.

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