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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Swaggggger like Jack Baueeer

Sooooo I'm walking to work today and after arriving at my building realize that during my 20 or so minute traveling time from my apartment walking to the metro, 2 stops on the metro and the 3 minute (if that) walk to my building, I have seen some really random/wierd things. Things that people probably don't encounter on a normal commute to work. As a result, I figured I'd pull a little 24 on ya'll-except my entire day (24 hours) isn't nearly as interesting as the first hour or so of my day...and definitely not as interesting as a day in the life of Jack Bauer.

1. The People- This weekend (Sunday to be exact) was Earth Day- except I think that they, the crazy hippies, have decided that we need an earth weeeeeek now, so there are tons of dreaded (not scary..I mean people with dreadlocks) hippies roaming the streets in addition to my normal street corner gang of homeless peeps. The thing that makes it so great, and one of the reasons I l-o-v-e DC, is that the two aforementioned groups of people are walking in big crowded groups with tons of business people in suits and heels, blabbing on their crackberries and chugging their starbucks. I love the comfort in knowing that in DC, if someone is staring at me- it's most likely because they LIKE what I look like, not that they think I look wierd or strange or out of place. You can't really be "out of place" in DC. There's a spot for everyone. ( que Qum Bae Ya music) :)

2. The Cherry blossoms- they aren't random or wierd, they are beautiful and I would just like to make everyone jealous that I live so close to them. so Ha suckerrrrrrrrs.

3. The Sprinters- There are a LOT of charity inspired races that happen in DC on any given year. I mean a LOT. Once the weather gets nice, it's pretty much a guarentee that every weekend you will be detoured through some part of the city due to a race. I think it's great, and although I may get irritated if I happen to be the person getting directed by some policeman that I have to take an alternate route, I love the whole "people helping people" thing. Secretly though, if you come to DC it's not hard to realize WHY there are so many races in the city... People are running EVERY where..all the time. In the case of my morning commute, most of the time I see them running to get on the metro. We are talking full out sprinting, like Phoebe from friends in that one episode where her and rachel go running in the park (love it). These people- dressed to the nines, holding briefcases with laptops and files, 3 cell phones on their hip, a coffee and a newspaper in their hands.. man they can truck it.. and with minimum spillage. It's impressive. So naturally, running empty handed outside in actual running clothes, with the bonus of raising money for a charity, would seem like a breeze to the washingtonians.

3. Last but certainly not least... the Pigeons- ohhhhh the pigeons. If you didn't know, the animals that live in DC are unlike any other. Yes, we have the DC zoo, but I'm not talking about those animals. Get this- we have BLACK SQUIRRELS. they.are.AWESOME! We also have little mice/rats in the metro but they aren't that much fun. And, of course, we have pigeons. Our pigeons aren't like regular birds though, they don't fly away from people- they aren't scared at all. In fact, I feel like they should have little pigeon tattoos or mini pigeon mohawks (preferably red ones) just so that tourists can realize that these pigeons aren't scared of ANYTHING- they are bad ass. I don't mind that they dont fly away from people, but I do wish they would get out of the way before I step on one of them. I also wish that they would take their " Public displays of affection" somewhere private. Seeing pigeon sex at 830 in the am.. not the best way to start the day.

Adios, bloggies.

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