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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Top Ten

If Dave Letterman gets to have a Top Ten, why can't I?!? No no no my stalkers, this is not a top ten favorites.. but instead the top ten list of thing that annoy me to no end.. for no reason, or at least it might be a reason that makes no sense to anyone but me. Seeing as how I have encountered quite a few of my top ten pet peeves today, I figured I'd post them so that if by SOME SMALL chance, any of the people who have caused my pet peeves to occur today, or any day for that matter, see this.... they can stop. Immediately preferably. So here goes. Drumroll please.In no particular order..

1. People who wear fruit (i.e. strawberry's/cherries on their shoes or in their hair, tshirts with lemons on them) or cartoon characters (daffy duck, tweety bird) and are over the age of 12. I mean really?!?! Are you SO incredibly boring that you haven't liked ANYTHING else since age 12 that you would prefer to wear on your shirt??? A band? A restaurant?? Anything!?!?

2. Flames. No explanation needed my friends. Flames are like drugs,

3. Wolves (I really have nothing against wolves, it's just because for some reason I can't pronounce this word and it really irrates me). I also hate when people wear clothing with wolves on it. Just...stop it.

4. People who take pictures of themselves and post it all over the internet. Here's the deal.. if are not liked enough to have someone around you who wants to take a picture WITH you, or even of you by yourself if you are so snotty, then don't take one. You look stupid.

5. People walking in front of me. I feel like they are always farting and it is going to waft back all over me and my clothing, ewwww. This is a recent pet peeve of mine that I have developed since moving into the city. Let's not talk about it anymore..still gives me nightmares. Ughhhh. Moving on..

6. Talking about how drunk you got the night before. I especially hate this when a guy is hitting on me at a bar/restaurant/on the street/in a car/in a tree and talks about how wasted he got and how much he drank. Realllllll attractive. You're cool..not. So a word to the wise (or stupid in this case) if you decide to do this.. I will be giving you ... when you ask for my number.

7. Sending an email and then calling the person you sent it to .2 seconds later and reitterating everything that is in the email. Grrrrrr

8. Words such as "peace", "bro", "late" (instead of later) if you are not from California. Also, you can't just BE from Cali and think it's ok to say this anywhere, it's like a foreign language.. you try to speak french when you go to Paris, don't speak like your in California if you are in North Carolina.

9. Abbreviating words to try to make yourself sound cool (i.c. Instead of Front Page, calling it "the page")

10. Chewing with your mouth open/talking with food in your mouth. It's just plain gross.. and rude... and I can't understand you. Unless you're choking on whatever it is that you are eating (and you probably started choking BECAUSE you were trying to talk with your mouth full)..shut your trapper.

So there you have it bloggies and blogettes. Until next time..

Peace :)

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