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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Texting.. texting.. 1..2..3..

In today's day and age (I have no clue what that saying means, by the way) technology is EVERYWHERE. There's almost no way to escape it. Even Amish people are jealous and want to use it. I totally made that up, but I bet it's true. Especially with my generation, I feel like we have really been completely consumed with technology.I remember when the first computers were put in our classrooms in school, paging my boyfriend (of probably 3 days) "143" on his blue see through pager to tell him I loved him, watching Zack Morris getting his first cell phone and then getting my own, people going from plain cell phones, to flip phones, to fold out keyboard phones, to touch screen phones, blue tooths, blackberries, facebook, myspace, twitter, LinkedIn.. whew.. it goes on forever. There are about a billion and one ways to keep in touch with someone .. or stalk them. Last night I got a facebook message from a friend I saw over the weekend but hadnt seen in about 10 years. Hopefully he doesn't read this. His message was very nice, but at the end he asked me out....on facebook. Now call me old fashioned- but this is LAMMMMMEEE. I find it ironic how there are SO many ways to communicate with people now days, but yet someone who wants to go on a date with you (i.e enjoys talking to you/wants to get close to you), doesn't even pick up the phone to have a conversation with you (which is much more personal than a FB message or text). Ugh.


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